Perceptions of God’s Perfection

I got into a conversation today that touched on the tension between human free will and God's omniscience, and moreso His foreknowledge. I don't think that God is micro-managing the universe and I believe that human beings have a much more active role in determining the outcome of their existence than my religious compunctions had … Continue reading Perceptions of God’s Perfection

Industry, Mission, and Process

It is almost certain that I will change jobs this year. Consequently, I've been trying to discern what the optimal 'next move' is for me, and, how to best discern that. Recently, I thought about evaluating potential career paths based on these criteria: industry, mission, and process. 'Industry' is the field in which you work, … Continue reading Industry, Mission, and Process

Five Rules for Social Interaction

I collected my thoughts about optimizing social interaction. Though these thoughts are weighted with the intent to attract a mate, they are generally applicable in other contexts as well. Start Talking - Talk more not less. Unless you’re somebody who can’t shut up, in which case your problem is not starting a conversation, but not … Continue reading Five Rules for Social Interaction