Quickly in it’s Time

“The least will become a thousand,
The smallest a mighty nation.
I am the LORD;
I will accomplish it quickly in it’s time.”

Isaiah 60:22

What really grabbed me was that last line: “I will accomplish it quickly in it’s time”

Recently, a new acquaintance of mine was telling me how he was at this point in his life where he was still single and had this job he’d been doing for a while, but it wasn’t going anywhere, and things just didn’t seem to be moving. Then he talked about an intense time of prayer, laying it all out before God, all of his frustrations and desires. For him, that was a point of surrender which ended up being a turning point. In the months that followed, those things that seemed to be stuck moved, namely, he got married and his work changed into something more dynamic and fruitful. The Lord accomplished it quickly in it’s time.  I would say, as illustrated in my friend’s case, the person’s readiness effects that timing. TD Jakes has said, (hopefully I have all the words right, but the effect is still the same), “life will move you faster than your mind is ready for”. That wasn’t a quote focused on challenges, but blessings and positive changes. I also remember Tony Robbins commenting on how changes don’t take years to happen. A change or breakthrough happens in a moment. The years are what it might take to get to that moment. Again, it is accomplished quickly at that time.

The other night I was doing some prayer and reflection. One of things I was thinking about is how the regrets I have mostly revolve around things that I didn’t do, the opportunities I failed to take. And I realized I need to be ready. The thought that really resonated was this:

renewing the mind to be ready for the next one

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