Choosing a Name

I don’t care if you’re starting a business or having a baby, a general rule for naming anything is that simplicity should trump creativity. If people look at your business name and are not sure how to pronounce it, then they are less likely to repeat it. That of course is the opposite of the desired effect. In the case of a kid, do you really want to damn them to the lifelong battle of explaining how to pronounce or spell their name? And then there’s school. You will have to consider every possible dumb-ass nickname derivative, because in that environment kids will do anything to carve out a niche in the hierarchy of the herd. So, if you have something cute in mind, don’t. Just don’t.

Me? I really like my name. Sure, there are five other Andrews no matter where I go, but I would rather have that problem then the aforementioned one.

I had this debate when naming this blog. You should give a baby an adult name because a baby will grow into an adult. I say that because I thought about giving this blog a thematic name, based on say, some personal spiritual revelation or conviction. Then I thought, I don’t want to limit the blog to just that; I want to let it develop freely and organically. So I settled on me-dot-com. Not for self-aggrandizement, but for simplicity.

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