Purpose and Holiness

Recently, God was speaking to me about how holiness is connected with purpose.  It’s easy to think of holiness as it relates to things that are obvious sins, but even those sins can be thought of as not just wrong or bad, but as violations of, or deviations from, God’s purpose for a person. When you think about a holy object, it is something that is only supposed to be used for a particular purpose. Maybe it would be empowering to say ‘purpose-violating’ rather than ‘unholy’, or ‘purpose-fitting’ rather than ‘holy’.  God was speaking to me about the need to discern between what is fitting for the calling, purpose, and design he has for me, and what is not fitting for the calling, purpose, and design he has for me… because it would be unfitting to the the way He made me and the perfect plans He has for me if I were bogged down in a bunch of other things that are not bad, things that might even be good, but things not Divinely appointed for me as an individual.  It is written that the “kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.”  Maybe your righteousness could be intact, but your peace and joy might be lacking if you spread yourself thin in doing things you’re not really appointed and anointed for.

So, what if you find yourself in that place, maybe too busy, or just feeling off track?  Press in with God.  I’m not going to say press on, because that almost sounds like an encouragement to continue in old ways, instead, I am going to say press in.  I say press in to seeking His counsel for your life, press in to gratitude and praise, press in to fellowship with other believers.  Turn your mind toward God consistently and He will make use of the circumstances as they are, and I also believe He will begin to shift them.  Whether He will shift them quickly or slowly, I cannot answer for you as an individual, but I will say this: 1.) He is capable of a fast change, and 2.) If instead it is a slow change, He can be trusted to make good use of the circumstances.

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