Today, Redeemed

See today as redeemed.  This has to do with seeing today, (that is, the work, the people, the opportunities of the day) through God’s eyes, rather than seeing the day through the lenses of my own limited thinking.  What might my thinking be limited by?  Perhaps past hurts, or maybe things that I say about myself or my situation which are not rooted in God.  I have heard it said that people who are still struggling with past hurts don’t experience the present, instead, they experience the past over and over again, like, no matter what the current situation is, they always feel and say the same things.  No way.  I want to apply the redemption that Jesus has purchased to the outlook I have on my day.  Maybe this is an odd scripture to apply here but, “What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy.” (from Acts 10:15)  Do not speak limitation where God wants to speak life because he bought that life with His own blood.  Today is a redeemed day, a clean day, a new day, so I ask God that I might see all the details of this day in alignment with that truth.

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