The thing about doing new things and working really hard to be something more, to learn and improve, especially outside of your comfort zone, is that you spontaneously and organically find out more and more of who you were made to be.  It is like the truth that, no matter where you go, God will be there, because He is still bigger than that distance you traveled, and because you are made in His image, His bigness also manifests in your personal identity, in that there is always more to discover.  No matter how far away you are, no matter how far outside your comfort zone, no matter how much you feel like you’ve strayed from the path, His bigness, the expanse of His presence is still going to cover you.  Where the truth of that presence intersects with some place deep in your soul, you discover part of the framework of your identity.  That’s the thing about wondering who you are; you are really expressing a desire to know and see God’s hand, mind, presence, creative life and will, in the deepest parts of your life and soul because THIS… THIS is the ultimate affirmation for the core of your being… the biggest hug, the biggest possible instillation of the surest, most foundational, gut-level confidence.

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