The Narrow Path

I mean, I get it, Christians have wronged a lot of people over the years.  They have done this not just by sinning individually, but corporately, even institutionally.  Most problems can be traced backed to losing one’s sense of identity in Christ, getting off track by worshiping other things, by becoming too invested in other successes, rules, political agendas, the list could go on.  The thing about a narrow path is that the process of staying on it is not demanding or legalistic, instead, staying on a narrow path involves making only minor course corrections on the way.  It’s often a temptation to turn hard toward particular other things.  Certainly, these other things are the worst when we think they are taking us toward greater holiness.  Just like driving on a lane of the highway, slight course corrections keep you on the straight and narrow.  Don’t focus on the lines beside you, focus on the road ahead.  The road ahead is what Christ is doing.

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