I Believe

To me, “believe”, is not a very compelling word, it is too vague and it also gets used to describe one’s relationship with figments of one’s own imagination or the conjecture of personal opinion. I find words like “persuaded” or “convinced” to be much more compelling.  “I believe He is the Son of God” is not nearly as compelling a statement as, “I am convinced that He is the Son of God”. It would be quite fitting if the things we said about our beloved, powerful God were more substantial. What does “believe” mean anyway? What is there to hang on to? “Believe” sounds like it’s all in my head, but “convinced” sounds like I gained something from a source that is beyond myself.

A simple search in a concordance of the words “believe”, “belief”, and “unbelief” yielded this insight because the Greek words here share a common root that means “to persuade.” That to me is a more accurate statement of faith: I am convinced that He is the Christ, and He is persuading me more and more every day.

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