Look man, when I am reacting to something that’s happening, I’ve got to ask the question, “What does this reaction reveal about my current state of mind? More specifically: is this pattern of thought rooted in a sense of scarcity, or abundance?” Something goes wrong with a product at work and part of the process must be redone. Scarcity focuses on what is being lost: time, labor efficiency. An abundance mindset focuses on what can be gained: this is an opportunity to train workers and strengthen quality control.

Abundance is a foundation… scarcity is a lack of foundation.

Abundance will find something to give, and if not, will create something to give… Scarcity will take all measures to make sure that nothing is taken.

Abundance builds it’s own… Scarcity tears others’ down.

Abundance already has… Scarcity bitches about it’s limitation while holding onto that status quo for dear life.

Abundance broadens the view, focuses the energy, and accomplishes meaningful things… Scarcity narrows the view and constrains the viewer.

Scarcity has everything to lose, and loses it…. Abundance has everything to gain, and gains it.

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