Dynamic Horizon

Don’t let your dream become a prison. If the fulfillment of your current dream prevents you from comprehending and fulfilling future dreams, then it is a prison. Look man, your horizon is always going to change relative to where you’re at. This says a few things. One, is that if you’re walking, and your horizon isn’t changing, you’re living in a freakin’ dome, like you’re someone else’s experiment. Two, there are opportunities and perspectives that you can’t see yet because of where you are currently at, but you will gain those perspectives the further you walk. That’s no small point: action begets perspective, and thus, inspiration. Action leads to inspiration. Which leads to my third point, that this growth is not linear, but compounding; action leads to inspiration powers more action leads to more inspiration. So, before you fulfill a dream, plan, count the cost, and make sure that point your aiming at, once achieved, will still allow you a dynamic horizon. A dynamic horizon is one that changes relative to your position, and expands relative to the experience, and the cumulative views of all the vantage points from which you’ve observed the world thus far.

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