I got a lesson in spontaneity the other day, a lesson in seizing the moment. My heart pounded, but when I spoke, I felt freedom, I felt courage. I felt a driving passion, a compulsion to share. I am not saying all this in order to get attention, I am saying this in attempt to convey how great it felt, and hopefully empower you to seize the next moment you get.

It was simple: an evening church service with an opening for people to share, but the fact that I spoke up instead of holding back was a breakthrough for me.

All I want to say is, it feels freaking good, even if the first step is through your comfort threshold, it feels freakin’ great to be in the right place in the right time AND say yes, and crush it. Add courage to serendipity and you get a big win, and a quick win at that. And that win, isn’t just yours.  That’s the heavy part.  Your win helps others win. Whether or not you act courageously affects others. Say yes.

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