Manifest Forgiveness

This post is a follow up to Effective Humility

I think there is a time and a place where spiritual conviction just totally wipes a person out and they fall on their face before God. However, as I’ve been on my spiritual walk, I have found a different death to self needed, which is a death to the impulse to emotionally carry the consciousness of my own sins. (My sense is that I’m not alone in having that impulse.) The trouble is, I used to carry that consciousness and call it prayer.  On the other hand, victory comes from doing the counter-intuitive, counter-emotional thing and letting go of that consciousness. Letting that go is profoundly humbling. That is when you manifest the forgiveness you claim you have. I’m not talking about what you feel for a moment, but what you carry habitually. With his mindset a man renders his own un-forgiveness, or affirms the forgiveness that Christ has rendered.

See also: Moving Forward

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