Sooner and Simpler

Romans 4:21 says, “…because he was fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to perform.”

It might not be in every detail, in the form that we expect it. But that is an important point, because the road to something being accomplished is often shorter and simpler than we think. God is able, big or small, and it need not be so complicated as the human mind might make it. God answers simplicity, not striving and complication. Striving and complication are human constructs. Re-think what you think you know about what it will take to bring a thing to completion. Don’t emphasize the mountain, emphasize He who made the mountains. God answers simplicity, not overthinking. He might answer in an unexpected way because you need a new way to receive answers.

The simplicity of the new way cannot be over-stated. God will bring His promises to fruition. Sometimes, exactly as you dreamed, but probably in a way you never expected. He answers simplicity, not what-ifs. The way is beyond you, but He will expand your capacity and put it in your reach.

“fully convinced that what He promised, He was also able to perform”

“Fully convinced” is what it means to ‘believe’

To ‘believe’ is to be fully convinced. To be fully convinced is to have all of your capacities recruited, employed, and harmonious toward one goal. That will simplify your life, and more simplicity will make it easier to hear God more… that will lead to exponential gains. Fear God, and get irreverent about human expectations. He is able to accomplish. He does not need us to make concessions to human standards. He does not need a “yeah, but.” Be open. He does not need human mental limitations. Be open.

He will be irreverent about your limitations, for your own good. He will meet you where you are, and speak in a way you understand, but He will offend your sense of limitation. He will give you a promise that offends and pierces your sense of limitation. And He is able to accomplish that promise. Don’t ask anymore, don’t say “what if?” or “how?” Just watch and affirm what I am about to do. I told you not to pray about closed doors, only open ones. Pray about open ones… which is to say, what God has told you in the last three days or in the last week that you haven’t fully absorbed the meaning of, or fully obeyed… remembering that a lack of obedience to that word may be simply because of a lack of abundance (not realizing the value of what you possess)… you might not have walked into it yet because you haven’t realized what you have in your hands.

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