Eternity Felt

When you pursue things other than God’s design for your life, those things render their own judgement. Those things become hell when they are placed on the throne of infinity.

Infinity, eternity: that is a interesting concept. Eternity, as far as I have felt it, is a condition of the human heart. If you have ever been addicted to something, you have felt it. If you have ever been in love, you have felt it. So, it can be hellish, or it can be heavenly. You feel it when you are compelled to abandon yourself to something. It’s funny how feeling eternity has to do with stepping into a feeling so strong that you lose consciousness of self. (A further distinction here is that, when you fall in love, you spontaneously forget that consciousness, but on the other an addictive behavior is you trying to forget.) The consciousness you lose is like Adam’s consciousness when he said, “I was afraid because I was naked, so I hid.”

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