Proverbs 1:4

I heard a translation of Proverbs 1:4 which was new to me, (from the 21st Century King James Version):

“give subtlety to the simple…”

Other translations say “inexperienced” and/or “naive”. But, “subtlety” is what fascinates me about this translation. Subtlety as an antidote to inexperience or simpleness, that’s fascinating. How often situations in life require answers that are nuanced and complex. So, the wisdom of these proverbs is meant to equip the inexperienced to face such situations effectively. Fittingly, the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes contain truths that don’t neccesarily present themselves in a black and white fashion, but are rich because their ambiguity reflects the complexities of life as we know it.

See also,

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