How do you Attract Success?

I’m just asking for the sake of provoking thought.  I was thinking about how the ‘law of attraction’ still seems like a rather nebulous concept. You mean, I could get rich by thinking myself to be rich? The frequencies of my thoughts will attract the riches? Man, I don’t know. I think the objection I have, is to the idea that crazy success is going to manifest if just I think about it real hard. I doubt anybody is being that simplistic, but I raise that objection, regardless. Now I do believe that our words have restorative and creative, or destructive power. I believe in divine creation and God’s Spirit ministering directly to people. Maybe, then, it shouldn’t be such a leap to see a direct causative link between thought and manifestation. Maybe my conscience is clear about spiritual healing, but not material wealth. Maybe for others, maybe not for myself; maybe that’s my real hangup.  I digress.

Here’s what I do confidently say about mindset and success: you don’t get to the spot where you’re asking questions about leadership and management and entrepreneurship if you have shit self-esteem and no vision. The mindset is the prerequisite for the ambition is the prerequisite for the action is the prerequisite for the results. The stage my heart is at right now, is that I pray for the energy and the mindset needed to maximize the quality and quantity of my work. I don’t think to manifest the wealth, (not saying I won’t get there, just saying I’m not yet), I think and believe in order to manifest the energy, the strength, and the vision.

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