Which Way Should I Go?

Let me tell you, it’s waking up with the feeling that you’ve wasted most of your twenties.

Here’s the thing about that; I can rationalize things one direction or another, like, what if I had done this, or what if I done that? However, the real truth is, I believe that God would have taught me many of the same basic things, regardless of what the particular circumstance was. When I think about it, the things that I really got wrong in my twenties were not matters of circumstance, or which fork in the road I took.  The things I got memorably wrong, I got wrong because of my mindset at the time.

I believe that a huge portion of the work that the Holy Spirit does in a person is to massively change their thinking and emotions so that they are able to effectively receive the blessings, lessons, and revelations of God.

Which way should you go?


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